Kim Possible Pornography Story: super-steamy super-steamy super-steamy super-steamy part2

Kim Possible Pornography Story: super-steamy super-steamy super-steamy super-steamy part2

Mom just how can Shego be my father when she is a woman…Kim Shego is a little different than other girls…. Mom what are u saying that she is a hermaphrodite….. Yes that is it Kim…..She knew how to make a girl have a orgasms it was the best sex I ever had Kim….Mom I don’t need to be hearing this, and beside I know how it feels when a hermaphrodite has sex with u….KIm how do u even know that your still a virgin…No I’m not mom I have had sex with a hermaphrodite, she made me her bitch….Who is she Kim, I want to know who made my daughter there bitch….Mom I’m not going to stop being with her no matter what….Who is she Kim? Tell me right now Kim.. Why mom u had sex with Shego bet u r her bitch…Because I want to know Kim and I’m not her bitch I’m her slut, now tell me who it is Kim…Ok Mom it is Bonnie, I am her bitch….

My daughter is not going to be someone bitch… Mom it’s not your choice….Kim that is where u r wrong.. What will happen if u get pregnant? Then I will have to worry about that when it happens….. You sound like me when I was with Shego…. Mom Bonnie decide’s what I do? Your not her property your her girlfriend…. No mom I’m her property.
Look right now you see as she has the dick and the pussy so that make her the boss… It does mom… No it doesn’t Kim… You are just her girlfriend… So if Shego called right now and told u to go to a hotel room… You would tell her no? Um I can’t say that Kim….
If she called right now and told u to go to a hotel room u would go…. Yes I would Kim but that’s because I want to go….. I want to be with Bonnie mom even though she call me her bitch and treats me like her property… What do u mean by that Kim?

Kim start’s to walk up to her room… Kim I want to know what u mean by what u said? Mom Bonnie told not to wear any panties or bra’s anymore…. Oh easier for her when she wants to fuck u… You know her reason for that…. Shego had me do that for the same reason…. Kim right then the phone ring’s… Wait let me answer the phone then were going finish talking about this… Hello… Kate I am going to be in town tomorrow and I want your slut ass at the hotel waiting on me and don’t wear any panties’s or bra… understand slut…. Yes Shego and Kim know your her father…. I don’t care about that u better be at the hotel waiting on me slut…. I will but she is dating a hermaphrodite as well…. What did I just say slut? To have my slut ass at the hotel waiting for u with no panties or bra on… That’s right slut see u tomorrow… Kate hangs up the phone…. Ok Kim I’m no better than u as soon as Shego called I go running to her….

Just as Kim start heading up to the room, the phone rings…. Mom it is Shego for u again…. Kate answer the phone… Mrs…Possible may I speak to Kim please? Yes Bonnie u can talk to her… Kim it’s for u… Yes Bonnie….Bitch I’m coming over so u better be in your naked and ready for me…. Yes Bonnie…Kim hang’s up the phone and runs up to her room to get ready for Bonnie…Guess Bonnie’s coming over….Kim was sitting on her bed naked waiting for Bonnie to show up….There was a knock on the door… Kate answer the door.. Hi Mrs.. Possible I’m here to see Kim to go over what happen at cheerleading practice…. No your not Bonnie… What do u mean Mrs.. Possible? Kim told me everything… So she is up in her waiting for u… Yes Mrs.. Possible but where is her room? All the at the top of the stairs…. Mrs..Possible your not mad that I’m treating your daughter like my property? No there’s nothing I can do about it… Bonnie go up to stair so can satisfy her needs…..

When she walk’s into Kim’s room she seen her sitting on her bed naked.. Bonnie knew she was waiting for her to come and use Kim…. Bonnie walked over to her, ok bitch lay down and get ready while I get undress… Once Bonnie was naked, she climbed in between Kim’s legs and slammed her cock into Kim…. Oh yes fuck me harder Bonnie… Bonnie start slamming her cock in and out of Kim not care if anyone heard her moan or not…Kim was moaning loud enough where her mom heard her… Bonnie is really giving it to her… Bonnie was pounding the hell out of Kim when there was a knock on her door…Bonnie got up and answer the door… Mrs… Possible can I help u? I don’t care how u fuck my daughter but u need to keep her quiet so when her dad get’s home…. He doesn’t find out that you two are up here fucking… Yes Mrs… Possible I will put something in the bitch’s mouth..Thank you Bonnie…. Bonnie shut’s the door and grab her socks when she is head back to the bed…

When Bonnie slammed her cock back into Kim she shoved her socks into Kim’s mouth… Now I can fuck you as hard as I want and don’t have to worry about anyone hearing you moaning….Bonnie was fucking the hell out of her when the phone rang… Bonnie pick up the phone as asked can I help you… May I speak to Kim please… She is busy Ron… So what do you want? I was going to ask her if I proved I was a better fucker than u… If she would start dating me instead of you…. Can u make a moan so loud that u have to shove something into her mouth to keep her quiet? No I haven’t…. Then bye and Bonnie hung up the phone….Bonnie started fucking her even harder… All Kim could taste was Bonnie feet….There was a knock on the door…. Who is it? Bonnie supper will be ready in an hour… Ok Mrs.. Possible we will be down… Bonnie smiled while she was fucking Kim…

Kim felt Bonnie’s cock sliding in and out of her and she was moaning into Bonnie’s socks… You how I am fucking don’t your…. Bonnie smiled because she know Kim wasn’t going to be answering her with her mouth stuffed with her socks… Bonnie was fucking her harder and faster not caring that Kim pussy was starting to her from the pounding Bonnie was giving her… Kim moved her hand to take Bonnie’s sock out of her mouth… Bitch are you planning to take my socks out your mouth? Kim shakes her head yes… I will take them out when I’m done fucking you understand…. Kim shake ‘s her head yes….Bonnie was a little pissed because Kim tried to remove her socks from her mouth… So she started fucking Kim even harder than she was before….

Kim had tear’s running down her face while Bonnie was fucking as hard as she could..
Bonnie bite down on Kim right tit as she started cumming inside her pussy…After Bonnie when limp she rolled over… She pulled her socks out of Kim’s mouth and seen she was crying… What is wrong with you? Bonnie after awhile of you fucking my pussy as hard as your it stated to hurt really bad….All I care about was my pleasure bitch not yours…I enjoy the fucking you got so you should be happy….I am happy you enjoyed fucking me, but I didn’t enjoy the whole time…. As long as I enjoyed that’s all that matters… Now get dressed so we can go eat…As Kim was getting dressed Bonnie looked at her… After we get done eating we are going to come back up here so I can fuck that ass next….

After they get down stair Bonnie asked if she could call her mom…. Sure go ahead Bonnie…. Bonnie calls her mom….Mom would it be alright if I stay over at Kim’s….Let me talk to Kate….Mrs… Possible my mom want’s to talk to u…..Yes Betty want do u want? Do you know my daughter is dating your’s? Yes I do Betty…why do u ask? Because she wants to stay the night… That is fine with me Betty…. Ok go ahead and tell Bonnie.. Ok Betty….. Bonnie u can stay the night… Thank u Mrs… Possible….Bonnie I don’t mind you staying but keep Kim quiet….Yes Mrs… Possible…. After they get don eating Bonnie start playing with Kim ass…. Kim sits there and lets her do what she wants… Kate do we have an extra bed for her… No Kevin we don’t… Then where is she sub post to sleep? “She can sleep in the bed with Kim Kevin…. ” “OK Kate I was just wondering…..”

Kim and Bonnie head up to her room….Bonnie whisper in her ear…”I’m going to fuck your ass so hard your going to cry…” Kim gulp down some air…They walk into Kim room… Now get undressed bitch and lay on your stomach….Kim does as told as she laying down on the bed on her stomach, she see Bonnie getting under dress….She climb on the bed and shoves her socks back into Kim’s mouth… Now I don’t have to worry about your dad hearing you moan or cry from you while I’m fucking your ass the way I want….Don’t remove my socks bitch, I will take them out when I am done fucking you….Before Kim could even shake her head yes, Bonnie slammed her cock in Kim’s ass…. Bonnie started fucking her harder and faster…. Kim was moaning into Bonnie’s socks while she was fucking her harder and faster…. “Girls you both need to get ready for bed” “We will do Mr.. Possible….” See bitch with you quiet no one know’s that you r getting fucked by your owner…” Bonnie start fucking her harder…. She leaned down and noticed that Kim was starting to cry…. Don’t worry bitch I am close to fill your ass with cum….”Girls it is getting close for you two to be turing out the lights….” ” We’re about ready to go to bed Mr.. Possible…” Bonnie slam’s her cock into KIm harder three more times… Before she fills Kim ass with cum…. She pull out of Kim ass… Bonnie takes her socks out of Kim mouth… Now get on your back ….Kim turn’s over and spreads her legs… Bonnie turn’s out the lights as she slides her cock into Kim pussy… Bonnie lay’s her head down on KIm tits and go to sleep as Kim does the same….

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