Kim Possible Pornography Story: kimpossible-yori2

Kim Possible Pornography Story: kimpossible-yori2

The Extremely Lucky Ron Stoppable 2

3 Hours Later

Back at the hotel room, all of the furniture has been cleared from the center
of the room to develop a makeshift dojo. Ron & Yori are in the middle of an
intense sparring session, trading & blocking each others attacks at a
furious pace. Yori attacks with a roundhouse kick, which Ron evades flawlessly.
He comes back and lunges at her with a flying spin kick, but she counters by
flipping over him and nailing him with a kick to the face. Ron falls on his
back, stunned & exhausted.

“Yori,” he says, out of breath. “Can wetake a break? Weve
been goingfor 3 hours.”

Yori stands with his back towards him, shaking in aggravation. “I am
sorry, Ron-San. I am justvery frustrated.”

Frustrated. Thats a word would wake Ron up in the middle of the night. Its
that word where it all began. Shego felt frustrated, and Ron lost his virginity.
Bonnie felt frustrated, and Ron banged her at Camp Wannaweep. Even Kim & her
mother felt frustrated when he was around, and it led to wild sex. Now Ron is
having a frightening, yet exciting feeling of dvu.

“Oh no, not Yori.” He thinks. “I mean, yes Yori butwhat
would Kim say? I cant. I cant now. I gotta do something.”

Ron gets up and walks over to Yori. “Hey, maybe we should try some of
that Herbal Tea Master Sensei uses.” Ron suggests nervously. It doesnt
help as Yori still has that feeling of frustration.

She turns to look at Ron. “I feel I cannot fight up to my potential,
Ron-San.” She says. “It is as ifI have nothing to fight for.”

Ron puts both of his hands on her shoulders and looks her in the eyes.
“You have plenty to fight for, Yori.” Ron replies. “Honor,
Justice, even Love. You can”

Ron catches himself and realizes what he just said. In the back of his mind
he hopes that Yori didnt pay attention to what he said, but those hopes are
dashed when Yori looks up at him, seductively. Before Ron can even blink, Yori
leans forward and kisses him deeply on the lips. She pulls him closer to her,
the kiss rising in intensity with each passing second. After a minute, Ron
finally is able to break free.

“WAIT! YORI!!” He yells, out of breath. “Wewe cant. I

“I need to feel love, Ron-San.” She says as she begins to take off
her gloves. “It will be my inspiration for when I fight Monkey Fist. I need
you, Ron Stoppable-San.”

She grabs the top half of Rons Ninja outfit, and rips it open, exposing
his chest. She then rips open her own top to show a pink lace bra holding back
her round, succulent breasts. She then quickly smothers Ron lips with hers,
moving her tongue inside his mouth. Ron reaches out and grabs her breasts. He
slips his hand under her bra cup and plays with them, squeezing them gently, yet
firmly. His eyes then shoot open, as he realizes what hes doing.

“Oh, manI cant do thisbut I dont wanna stop.” He
thinks. “Theyre so soft. Almost softer than Kims”

He squeezes them a little harder, causing Yori break the kiss and moan out
loud. She then looks at Ron with loving eyes.

“It is time that I give you pleasure, Ron-San.” She says, as she
slowly leads him down to the floor. She lies him down before slowly tugging down
on his pants, revealing his already hard Cock. Shes a little more than
shocked by the size of it. “You really must be the Chosen One.” She
says with a smile.

Ron laughs nervously as Yori grips his member with both hands. “It will
be my honor to pleasure you with my mouth.” She says, before inserting his
Cock into her mouth. She wraps her lips around his shaft and slowly works her
tongue around the head. Ron almost loses it right there, as his eyes almost roll
back into his head.

“For the love of Nacos, how did she get so good?!” He screams
in his mind. “Her lips feel like velvet. Im sorry, Kim. But this
feels so good.”

Yori bobs her head up & down on his shaft, as he takes her hand and
begins to massage his balls. She closes her eyes and takes in all of Rons
manhood, not quite deep throating it, but getting real close. Ron clenches his
fist, as he feels himself getting close to his limit. Yori is now twisting her
head as she bobs up & down, making Ron feel like his Dick is in a corkscrew.
He looks ready to blow.

“UhYori?” He blurts out. “Im think Im gonna”

He feels his load about to shoot out when, in the blink of an eye, Yori comes
off of his Cock and moves her head out of the way. A split second later, Ron
blasts his load into the air. After a moment, he looks at Yori with a grin.

“I forgotNinja reflexes.” He says.

Yori grins back as she slowly takes off the bottom to her Ninja outfit.
“As they say in your country Ron-San, you have seen nothing yet.”

As she takes off the rest of her outfit, Ron gets a confused look on his
face. “Actually Yori, I think you mean You havent seen no”
Hes cut off when he feels the head of his Cock rub against her vaginal lips.
Shes already straddled him and is about to insert his Dick.

“Please forgive me, Kim.” He thinks. “But I just cant
bring myself to stop her.”

He can feel his manhood pierce between her lips and into the walls of her wet
pussy. Yori sets herself down on his Cock, then begins to bounce her ass up
& down on it. She leans in and wraps her arms around Ron, as he grimaces.

“Man, shes so tight.” He thinks, as he begins to pound her
pussy. The sound of their skin smacking together fills the entire room. Ron
places his hands on her hips to guide her movements. Yori begins to bite her

“Oh, Ron-San! Yes! You ARE the chosen one!” She yells as he shoves
his Cock deep with in her. She begins to bounce in sync with his strokes,
sending his Dick all the way into her pussy. Ron grits his teeth, as he feel
himself on the verge again. Yori is also close to her climax.

“OH, RON-SAN!!!” She screams as she pulls herself off of his Cock.
Not a moment later, Ron shoots out cum all over her bare back. Yori lays on top
of Ron, her frustration & doubt all but a memory now. She looks down and
gently kisses Ron on the lips, then smiles warmly.

“Thank you, Ron-San.” She says, “You have given me great

The Next Day

Ron is standing at the Airport Terminal, wearing his regular clothes. He has
the Communicator in his hand, and Wades face is on the screen.

“So Monkey Fist is behind bars?” Wade asks.

“Yep.” Ron replies. “We took him down! With our mad Kung Fu
skills, Monkey Fist had no chance.”

Wade has a look of non-belief on his face. “Yori did most of the work,
didnt she?”

Ron lowers his head, knowing that he cant hide it from Wade now.
“Yeah.” He then shuts off the Communicator as he sees Yori walking
towards him. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and smiles.

“Thank you again for your help, Ron-San.” She says. “I would
not have been able to defeat Monkey Fist without you.” She then leans in
close to Ron. “And I will not inform Kim Possible about our Training
methods.” This brings a blushing smile to Rons face. Suddenly, a Ninja
appears out of nowhere and hands Ron a plane ticket.

“First Class! Spankin!” He says with a grin. “Hey, you
think you could use some of that Ninjitsu to help me with my bags?”

He points to a spot behind him, where about a dozen suitcases lay on the
ground. Yori giggles at Ron. “Oh Ron-San, always with the American-style
jokes.” She says. “Naturally, it will be”

Ron cuts her off before she can finish. “I know. It will be my honor to
carry my own bags.”

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